Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Missoni collection Prefall 2010

Many Italian brands and designers presented their collections Prefall 2010 then New York, also creating it called now that as the Italian fashion desires increasingly focus their concentration on mid-season collections. Nowadays we present Missoni group Prefall 2010As ever drawn by Angela Mission. The designer, inheritor to one of the most significant Italian fashion dynasties prominently, aims mainly on what made him prominent and beloved the Italian fashion house in the world, knitwear, Colorful and particular reasons.

It will be an autumn complete of knitwear! This is demonstrated for example Prefall 2010 group of Sonia Rykiel, Where the French queen’s knitwear presents us a collection made of scarves and accessories coats and clothes all in woven wool.

It does not waive knitwear even an Italian brand that has made knitting a bit ‘its sign over the years: we are talking about Missoni, Who presented her collection Prefall 2010 last December in New York.

Angela Missoni focuses on scarves, sweaters, clothes wool outline woven into the dovetail which is a bit ‘the emblem of knitwear fashion house. The designer aims especially on a clothing “Thick” trend a bit ‘boho-chic, where the woman, to defend against the first cold season, is covered scarves, Hats, gloves and coats from the novel cut.

Very exciting is the palette of this collection, where it forms tone dissimilar in a very uniform and pass it gray-pastel pink combined with the camel fur mink, till pink and brown, not forgetting the black.

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