Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ming Xi, Xie Fei Yun, Sonny Zhou, Emma Pei, Du Juan, Sun FeiFei, Bonnie Chen, Danni Li, Jiang Xiao Yi, Shu Pei & Liu Wen at Christian Dior Resort 2011

Models: Ming Xi (Ford), Emma Xie Fei Yun (Elite Paris), Emma Pei (IMG), Du Juan (IMG), Bonnie Chen (Next), Danni Li (Elite), Jiang Xiao Yi (Silent), Sun FeiFei (Women), Shu Pei (Next), Liu Wen (Marilyn) & Sonny Zhou (IMG)
Designer: Christian Dior, Resort 2011 (in Shanghai)
Photographer: Zhong Hai


Friday, May 28, 2010

Lakshmi Menon's Magazine Cover & Editorial for (Brazil) Wish Report, August 2009

I absolutely love this cover and editorial. Lakshmi is probably one of the most beautiful women in the world. And Wish Report Brazil is really a great magazine. They did a story with Hye Park last year, which was spectacular.

Model: Lakshmi Menon (Supreme)
Editorial: Dressed To Kill
Magazine: (Brazil) Wish Report
Photographer: Jannis Tsipoulanis
Stylist: Matheus Mazzafera

Source: & AriLove @ tfs

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hyun Yi Lee Editorial for Vogue Korea, March 2010

Model: Hyun Yi Lee (Major)
Editorial: Oh! Miss Flower
Magazine: Vogue Korea, March 2010
Photographer Bo Lee
Hair Kim Seon Hui
Make up Choi Si No

Source: Rosalinde @ tFS

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Liu Wen Magazine Cover for Elle China, May 2010

Model: Liu Wen (Marilyn)
Magazine Cover: Elle China, May 2010
Photographer: Benoit Peverelli

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Danni Li Editorial for City Magazine #69, April/May 2010

Model: Danni Li (Elite)
Editorial: Wall Flower
Magazine: City Magazine #69, April/May 2010
Photographer: Albert Watson
Stylist: Allan Kennedy


Monday, May 24, 2010

Races Fashion

Last Race 5 errors in that fashion.
By Me ???!!!

I just returned from a football match in Townsville on Australia and while there are some very beautiful women dressed as fact. Understanding the concept of fashion is not high. I have the following top 5 mistakes this year in the fashion field day competition.

An orange look is not sexy

They love instead of pasty white is not good. Colored end fashion for women wearing high But this season, some women go overboard on fake tan.

Spray tan is the quality that is required for certain types of body and certain aspects of fashion. But before you participate as an artist instead of spray instead of trying to hide the section. See the color you want. One of the big challenges. Best for you is to get more sugar that is similar belief is not true, or if we see a lot of tans in orange racing colors Acer real

Trying to replace one or two colors from the color of your natural color to 20 different colors to make your skin look natural ompaloompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

2 wear the appropriate Hem Line.

Have shown many unique costume. Men make mistakes, but as long input Line was not valid for physical form and set the print. In North Queensland which Held today, winters relatively warm But that does not mean it should be set to bum a short line to see the bottom line dress

We should be less drama. My team and I have seen many cases where women are reduced and some to the list Forget the length of their set. This is not something that everyone must As for the race day.

3 No one likes VBL, VPL, or VBS.

There are three abbreviations in the world of fashion That all women need to know and avoid bad luck and not a complimentary three abbreviated as VBL, VPL and VBS.

No one likes -.

VBL - Line Bra show

VPL - Line Pant show

VBS - Strap Bra show

Have one of these three issues only degrades any high fashion against your objectives and spending hundreds of thousands. Dollars on security for fashion at the top.

4 Select a cockney

If you invest in a set fashion The high cost a few hundred to two thousand dollars, then you must invest. Similar in quality lingerie. Many women are not comfortable in Paraphernalia that they have invested in them fidgeting and trying to manually adjust the time all this is not ideal. Equations such as fashion events and detracts from the experience of the day.

This will not happen if Women who have bought the right bra for fashion selection. If you buy a designer and design Set and then talk to the designer to gauge what they believe is a bra that Best to design a series of focus. Multiple designers to be. The bra is designed for a set of them are definitely worth their advice.

5 Shoes nonsense that makes grown Cry Man.

Some were reminded of the shoe. Have vainly and to the modern woman who is less than a day to go. Points on the fashion competition. Is to maintain a certain level of dignity and peace, and when you leave the racecourse you. Feel like you when you arrive. If you wear the wrong shoes. Healing with only the top results will happen as you exit the race track. Bare footed.

But this is the same date. Drawing on this and I fought with the purpose of dressing only in high-end fashion. Your day look disheveled and dirty from the dust of your feet.

Rock and Roll Fashion

Ed Hardy Fashion clothing for Rock and Roll Style.
By Me ???!!!

If you are interested in rock and form. Roll and Fashion Clothing Ed Strong is the right choice for you. In fact, lines. Set decoration has been inspired by rock star Christian Audigier and tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy, so you can expect to see Stars rock the dress.

With a combination of rock star look. And the latest design of tattoos, clothes from the clothing line has been developed. Design innovation in various The sets and other devices designed clothes for real space in the world of fashion. Charming and colorful guide. Fashion really help in the elevation of tattoo art in clothing. In recent days, most name Clothing considered to be one voice in the hottest brands.

Although it is preferred by Dara, you can afford. Questions about cost or no worries. These are really inexpensive. Compared with designs from other brands. Decorative items you buy. The clothes are really worth your money. These items are furnished. Known for most of dazzling rhinestones excellent color and unique nature and innovative design.

The brand name is good. Possible for styles and fashion With these items, clothing. Really, you can add a lot of variety in your same old boring. This unique fashion brand. Able to set the perfect smart and stylish look to supplement your Costume design really Will change all your charm and allows you to display different types of clothing style statement Ed patience is very popular now that they're using fashion conscious people from around the world. In addition to the purchase. These furnished only from the physical stores you can buy from many online stores.

Ed hardy clothing than you will get shoes, perfume, belt, put more eyes and all of these forces. Inspiration from rock star, and in fact more suitable for rock star. These modern devices. Really look and will complement your outfit in a good In fact, these. Designed to look for them to combine performance and fashion statement of your Complete your

Rockabilly Fashion

Fashion Rockabilly - buckles belt
By Me !!!??????

Fashion Rockabilly, popular in the decade to 1950 is all about a laid back, and frustrated at a time. Casualness and ease. Comfort is the publication date for these hip and modern fashion Rockabilly people can work better with the genuine article from the strange and long period. New items modern touch. Is actually easy to find in many online stores.

Rockabilly impressive set of courses completed by the girls and decorated buckles belt, we visited a number of online stores and guide to the best belt buckles are browsing our listings and Choose the right taste and feel of your style. "Pinupgirlclothing" tops. The list of the best sites to buy belt buckles Rockabilly watch our designs are.

Retro Anchor Tattoo Belt Buckle by Classic Hardware - Hand based design entwined with ropes and surrounded by a start. Design has been featured on magazine of "Too Fast To Live" Belt Buckle by Liquorbrand - True to the spirit retro, buckle bear skull and flag design in black and white next to the word "too early. To live with a young girl died. Rockabilly Retro V8 Unisex Belt - designed in red and black buckle bears the marks * V definitely need to collect your Rockabilly fashion belt type Natural. With heart buckle Design - Features a black heart filled with color on wood buckle flat rectangular border around the print around Passion Vintage Classic.

Rock Rebel Skull Coffin - coffin photo buckle cast from computer, these features skull design surrounded by a complex pattern of lines. Belt buckle will fit Both men and women "back home Bound" Pewter Unisex Belt Buckle - created by Sailor Jerry, look like a belt buckle made of silver The overall look clean and Design, including carvings of the ship "Daddyzero" to the store. Rockabilly impression of seat belts designed border and the gothic mystery of the person they are less expensive than are some of our picks.

Black and white sea Chrome Star Rockabilly - chrome belt buckle is cast in the design of interesting black and white. It features star overlap. Each ring Chrome Double Barrel Derringer weapon belt Bucle - found it interesting to buckle in the form of small arms. This one will attract. The children of people like Emily Strange Black Kitty Cat Belt Buckle - Belt buckle in a modern icon emo Emily Strange Black Cat's ear animals have black, pink and more. Awesome for viewing modern Rockabilly.

Sarf Fashion

Head scarf for fashion conscious.
By Me !!!!!

When it comes to the muffler. Head is more than what meet the eye. A complete history of the highest It is found in many different cultures and have different meanings for each addition, it will be labeled. Creatively to get the maximum benefit from using this device.

For example, if the woman has. Use this opportunity in the formal need to consider certain things. The first color of the device should not be over To a bright and colorful. You may want to go black or Delicate, beautiful and exudes class.

In addition, while the input. This device, you should check me neatly tied up. Cover your hair with scarves refractory Your supposed to be a good idea. But all this is too obvious, and will make you look disheveled.

Also a matter of not Just grabbing the equipment and put them in or adding extra spice up otherwise ordinary outfit. You must plan a tie between. Beware what you wear and how you wear it. Color you choose is very surface. Be disclosed type of look that you will all have to consider

Things are moving in fabric thousands. Others head to the neck in many different fabrics if PASHMINA, cashmere or silk texture of your device will vary noticeably. At the same time these materials. This is often thin, making them unsuitable for the very cold weather.

Other types of materials are cotton and polyester for both opportunities. Often than not, this section also. Another approach to design. Can come in a head scarf. Or a checkered pattern and can be found in two varieties fit or color that give off a friendly vibe to the more welcoming and enjoyable scent. It is often ideal for summer days.

Consider what has been. Said it will not be focused enough that you will need to be aware of your style at all times. Knows how to mix and match. What you have in your wardrobe with the skills necessary to perform constant Of course, you may be testing some To see the new and fresh. But a rule of thumb is always true to your style.

Select Fashion

How to Select New Hot Fashion Style for the seventh day.
By Me !!!!????

Nature of fashion is. Communication within the self through clothes. Air frequent symbol. A specific period and each year fashion designers attempt to support and production trends. Can represent a new period of years and hopefully a step in the history forever.

There are many forms over the Fashion. We remember the last time. Those in the fashion. Because since they are the successful and often in the classic round. Come and will forever.

We have plenty of interest. Enter what is in fashion at any cost, not only in the current year. But every single season: spring, summer, autumn and winter. But the one thing we do not. Reluctant to see the most important in fashion: fashion style, we do not support.

If you accept style fashion How you can become.

It is easy really; Regular fabrics fashioned different types of silhouettes in mind and despite the fact that we do not run a fashion of which we have to think so. This before choosing a style, fashion: Height, weight and surface sound Everything in fashion is selected. To meet and bring the quality characteristics of each forward and to you as you enter main Must be conscious of your voice and body surface.

Height and weight, you will Decide whether you should choose the style or fashion for short or long skirt is. One focused on each person's body. Your skin will determine what Color clothes you should choose a good fashion style now designed to color some of them.

Is important to determine your own. And your friends so you can choose the most effective format. Fashion style to bring out the best of you and your money is a worthwhile What are the benefits. Wear what is the latest fashion style and do not support your identity.

You should eat about fashion rules?

Fashion style should be selected. Specifically for your tastes since you appear good to them and not because the style that is currently always remember that if you do not. Can have in fashion design styles since you were idle you can wear. What is a classic in any format and supports all people without exception. If you do not understand what the color. Fashion wear for a meeting on the key always black and white of the classic and Continuous form.

Ski Fashion

Designer Ski Wear - Fashion Direct Function.
By Me !!!!!

Fashion has always been considered important for skiers on the slopes is actually important to look beautiful and feel really warm and comfortable. The latest designer clothes. Ski address these requirements with high fashion in the materials. For the latest set of high-performance tick every box. Women's skis this season including Dr Zhivago and his race to a set of 70 images are included to hold faux cutting fur and ski hats for comfort, performance skis designed for this year. Includes the latest technology, including textiles.

Recorded tape to protect the components.

Fleece-lined cover for added warmth.

Zip laminate the flaps and skirts blizzard so you dry and warm.

Sweat wicking fleeces micro to the convenience.

Seamless base layer for comfort.

Engineering panel, high breathability in the base class.

Materials repel odor

Four materials to extend the insulation. Each heat and add freedom of movement.

Teflon Coated Shirt Pants / to repel stains.

Office Live.

Detection Rescue (in case).

To really warm on the cliff Slopes of a base class to class and middle class and water on the floor. It is also true that significant Head to warm to 40% of your body heat is lost from your head. There are some good summer hat looks amazing faux hair while modern is really warm. Last sunglasses or glasses. D is necessary to protect your eyes from glare damage the horoscope Sun and snow

Choosing a California Fashion School

If you are thinking about going to a fashion school, then California is the place for you. There are many California fashion schools to pick from. Some may be good, some may be bad, but surely you will find the best one for you. How do you choose a California fashion school? Here are some tips and standards you can use to get you started:

1) Location – some people may not care where a fashion school is as long as it is inside California. However, you should realize that California fashion schools can often be judged through their locations. Find a California fashions school which is near fashion centers. This means you need to find a California fashion school which is located where all the action is. This will help you as a student since it will give you exposure to what’s out there in the real world.

Some students would prefer a California high school that’s located in a place which would inspire them. Some choose to attend California fashion schools which are located near the sea or close to nature. From the scenery, a student can gain inspiration enough to produce a new work of couture art.

2) Affiliated or Independent – should you go with a California fashion school which is a part of a prestigious university, or should you go to one which stands on its own? There are cases when a California fashion school within a university is better since the name on your resume will help you get great jobs easier. However, there is also something to be said for an independent school which can hold its own against the big names.

One thing you should consider is the fact that in a big school, you are mostly paying for the name of the school and not for the quality of education. You are paying additional cash to have the name of the university on your resume. This would help you get a job easier.

The fashion world, however, rarely cares for the name of a university if it does not perform well. If you have the name of a great independent school on your list, you might find it easier to get a job.

3) Cost – there is also the cost to think about. California fashion schools cost money. There is no denying that fact. The question that remains is: “how much money should it cost you?”

There are, of course, schools which offer discounted tuition for various reasons. Some are suffering declines in enrollment. Some may just be starting their operation and are trying to break into the market. In opting for these schools, you could save a lot of cash. However, you should consider that you might be sacrificing quality for cost.

You could also consider going to schools which are more prestigious. These schools may ask you to pay a lot of cash in order to study there. However, you should remember that high cost doesn’t necessarily equal high quality. You need to realize that in some schools you will not be paying form an education but you will be paying for the name.

Choosing a California fashion school might seem like a hard task. However, by considering these tips and truly knowing what you want, you can make it a very easy experience for you.

Sun Fei Fei Editorial for Vogue China, June 2010

Model: Sun FeiFei (Women)
Editorial: High Knots Classroom
Magazine: Vogue China, June 2010
Photographer: Jem Mitchell
Stylist: James ??nell (not clear)?
Hair: Alain Pichon
Makeup: Kathy Phillips

Source: Scanned by 212 @ Modern Party via Aja Mok @ tfs