Monday, May 24, 2010

Ski Fashion

Designer Ski Wear - Fashion Direct Function.
By Me !!!!!

Fashion has always been considered important for skiers on the slopes is actually important to look beautiful and feel really warm and comfortable. The latest designer clothes. Ski address these requirements with high fashion in the materials. For the latest set of high-performance tick every box. Women's skis this season including Dr Zhivago and his race to a set of 70 images are included to hold faux cutting fur and ski hats for comfort, performance skis designed for this year. Includes the latest technology, including textiles.

Recorded tape to protect the components.

Fleece-lined cover for added warmth.

Zip laminate the flaps and skirts blizzard so you dry and warm.

Sweat wicking fleeces micro to the convenience.

Seamless base layer for comfort.

Engineering panel, high breathability in the base class.

Materials repel odor

Four materials to extend the insulation. Each heat and add freedom of movement.

Teflon Coated Shirt Pants / to repel stains.

Office Live.

Detection Rescue (in case).

To really warm on the cliff Slopes of a base class to class and middle class and water on the floor. It is also true that significant Head to warm to 40% of your body heat is lost from your head. There are some good summer hat looks amazing faux hair while modern is really warm. Last sunglasses or glasses. D is necessary to protect your eyes from glare damage the horoscope Sun and snow

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