Monday, May 24, 2010

Races Fashion

Last Race 5 errors in that fashion.
By Me ???!!!

I just returned from a football match in Townsville on Australia and while there are some very beautiful women dressed as fact. Understanding the concept of fashion is not high. I have the following top 5 mistakes this year in the fashion field day competition.

An orange look is not sexy

They love instead of pasty white is not good. Colored end fashion for women wearing high But this season, some women go overboard on fake tan.

Spray tan is the quality that is required for certain types of body and certain aspects of fashion. But before you participate as an artist instead of spray instead of trying to hide the section. See the color you want. One of the big challenges. Best for you is to get more sugar that is similar belief is not true, or if we see a lot of tans in orange racing colors Acer real

Trying to replace one or two colors from the color of your natural color to 20 different colors to make your skin look natural ompaloompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

2 wear the appropriate Hem Line.

Have shown many unique costume. Men make mistakes, but as long input Line was not valid for physical form and set the print. In North Queensland which Held today, winters relatively warm But that does not mean it should be set to bum a short line to see the bottom line dress

We should be less drama. My team and I have seen many cases where women are reduced and some to the list Forget the length of their set. This is not something that everyone must As for the race day.

3 No one likes VBL, VPL, or VBS.

There are three abbreviations in the world of fashion That all women need to know and avoid bad luck and not a complimentary three abbreviated as VBL, VPL and VBS.

No one likes -.

VBL - Line Bra show

VPL - Line Pant show

VBS - Strap Bra show

Have one of these three issues only degrades any high fashion against your objectives and spending hundreds of thousands. Dollars on security for fashion at the top.

4 Select a cockney

If you invest in a set fashion The high cost a few hundred to two thousand dollars, then you must invest. Similar in quality lingerie. Many women are not comfortable in Paraphernalia that they have invested in them fidgeting and trying to manually adjust the time all this is not ideal. Equations such as fashion events and detracts from the experience of the day.

This will not happen if Women who have bought the right bra for fashion selection. If you buy a designer and design Set and then talk to the designer to gauge what they believe is a bra that Best to design a series of focus. Multiple designers to be. The bra is designed for a set of them are definitely worth their advice.

5 Shoes nonsense that makes grown Cry Man.

Some were reminded of the shoe. Have vainly and to the modern woman who is less than a day to go. Points on the fashion competition. Is to maintain a certain level of dignity and peace, and when you leave the racecourse you. Feel like you when you arrive. If you wear the wrong shoes. Healing with only the top results will happen as you exit the race track. Bare footed.

But this is the same date. Drawing on this and I fought with the purpose of dressing only in high-end fashion. Your day look disheveled and dirty from the dust of your feet.

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